What would you do???

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    Sorry for having to write in English first of all.

    I was hired as a Federal GS 5 all of a sudden. The security clearance was waved maybe because of the low rank. Only after the fingerprint was done, I got an offer and started to work.

    In less than 5 months I am now at a totally different agency as a GS 7. I thought I was very lucky to go up 2 ranks high. But the problem here now is I cannot do any work because of my security clearance. I don’t have an access to very basic application we use for job performance. I asked the guy who is in charge of security clearance to hear that he emailed somewhere about my security clearance. Nobody says anything to me when I am doing nothing without any access to work applications but I feel like I am wasting my time.

    What would you guys do if you were in my shoes? Should I quit this job? or Wait for the clearance forever? My interview with a investigator was done in early March and they met some of my friends in April. I am even thinking about going back to the previous agency. But it is not as easy as to go back to your boss at a private sector.

    Please forgive my bad writing. I hope everyone understood what I am trying to ask.

    Thank you so much!