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    I have integrated most of the assignments to be in-class to save you time 라는 문장이 있는데요. 전체 문장은 아니지만, 질문을 드립니다. 구글 해석을 해보면 수업 시간에 대부분의 과제를 통합하여 시간을 절약했습니다 라고 나오는데요. 여기서 저의 질문이 있습니다. save you time 이 제 생각에 너의 시간을 절약해 준다. 니까 save your time 이라고 해줘야 될 것 같은데. 항상 save you time 이라고 나오더라고요. 설명 좀 부탁드립니다.

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      They are both correct. In each case, money is the direct object of save. The money is saved.

      In the first example, you is the indirect object. You are the beneficiary of the action. it could be rephrased to read The discount here saves money for you.

      In the second example, money is still the direct object, and there is no expressed indirect object. But the beneficiary of the action is implied by the adjective your which modifies money.

      The former is likely more common and flows better. The phrase save your money is often used in circumstances when a person is being urged to spend no money.

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        감사합니다. 저도 이거 올리고 구글해 봤더니 이래 나왔어요.

        Save you time” = “save time for you”. The “you” is indirect object.

        “Save your time” = “save time belonging to you”. Only one object, and “your” is a possessive linking the time to you.

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