Paid Media Specialist

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    Job posting expires at 2024-05-15

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    주요 업무
    . Contribute to the strategy and carry out PPC campaigns across Google/Bing/Amazon Ads and other search platforms, aiming for maximum ROI and alignment with Univera’s business objectives.
    . Execute paid social media advertising strategies on platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, focusing on targeted audience engagement and conversion optimization.
    . Adjust bids, test ad copy, and refine targeting strategies to improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness.
    . Cooperate with the content task to optimize ad creatives and landing pages for conversion, ensuring cohesion with our overall marketing strategy.
    . Perform ongoing research to stay informed on industry trends and identify new opportunities within paid advertising channels.
    .Assist with SEO tasks, collaborating with Content team to optimize content for search engines and align with paid campaign goals.
    . Generate reports and provide insights on campaign performance, ROI, and other crucial metrics to stakeholders, using data to guide strategic planning.

    자격 요건
    . 1-2 years of experience in digital advertising, with proficiency in Amazon Ads management and social media marketing.
    . Passion for the health and wellness industry, particularly dietary supplements and natural products.
    . Analytical skills, capable of using data to enhance campaign performance and support strategic decisions.
    . Teamwork and communication abilities for effective collaboration with the Marketing and content teams.

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