NIW Petition Approved for Medicinal Chemistry Visiting Assistant Scientist

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    We Received EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Approval (Approval Notice) on April 26th, 2016, for a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist in the Field of Medicinal Chemistry

    General Field: Medicinal Chemistry

    Position at the Time of Case Filing: Visiting Assistant Research Scientist

    Country of Origin: South Korea

    Service Center: Nebraska Service Center (NSC)

    State of Residence at the Time of Filing: Michigan

    Approval Notice Date: April 26, 2016

    Processing Time: 8 months, 7 days

    Case Summary:

    An influential medicinal chemistry professional from South Korea hired North America Immigration Law Group ( when she decided that she wanted to attain green cards for herself and her husband. Our client, an assistant research scientist, has many years of experience researching the design and synthesis of novel anti-cancer therapeutics for a myriad of cancers, such as advanced-stage prostate cancers. Her various achievements in the field made her an ideal candidate for EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver). Part of our job was to prove to the USCIS that her work is national in scope and that her area of research is important to the United States.

    Our winning strategy:

    Our legal team and support staff have helped thousands of clients attain petition approval and thus, are extremely skilled in putting together convincing petition packets. We have devised a winning strategy that is comprised of key points such as the client’s professional accomplishments and academic achievements. In this case, we noted our client’s 19 published scientific articles and the 167 citations gathered from her work. We also documented her Ph.D. in Pharmacy and M.S. in Marine & Atmospheric Science. Furthermore, we included recommendation letters furnished by other leaders in the field of medicinal chemistry, a prominent professor being one of them. He stated that “[Client’s] research and work ethics is of the highest qualities. The complexity of the work requires an in-depth knowledge of cancer cellular systems and [Client’s] excellent record in drug design and educational background at internationally-recognized universities uniquely suits her for the research.”

    Taking the final step:

    The final step in the green card process is filing an I-485 application. We helped our client file two applications, one for her and one for her spouse. We join them as they await good news from the USCIS. In the meantime, we wish our client the best as she continues to contribute to the United States’ broader health care system, pharmaceutical industry, and lend a hand in offering a better quality of life for cancer patients everywhere.

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