Infotainment and Telematics Specialist (Entry-Level)

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    IVI Service company

    Job posting expires at 2024-06-30


    Job location: Orange County CA
    Salary level: Starting 60K
    Position Overview: We are seeking an enthusiastic Infotainment and Telematics Specialist to support the software management and operation for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) units and Telematics units. The successful candidate will assist with product and project support, operational engineering assistance, and testing services for automotive infotainment projects.

    Key Responsibilities:
    1. Project Support:
    • Assist with project scheduling, sample management, test environment setup, and software delivery to customers.
    • Participate in relevant project meetings, including kick-offs, wrap-ups, sync-ups, and engineering reviews.
    • Occasionally serves as a point of contact between the organization and support teams.
    • Help with roadmaps, timelines, dependency management, and issue tracking.
    • Assist in tracking and updating project plans, schedules, work breakdown structures, and risk management.
    2. Engineering Support:
    • Assist in defining requirements and specifications between the organization and development partners.
    • Support end-to-end system requirements definition and specification.
    • Coordinate requirements and specifications with automotive partners, including Technical Institutes and other technical teams.
    • Support test events, field tests, engineering analysis, and test case execution.
    • Help with troubleshooting and root cause analysis.
    • Participate in project and defect management meetings, providing input on component requirements.
    • Ensure clear communication between the organization and automotive partners.
    3. Technical Support:
    • Report to the Product Owner and/or Set/Integration Lead regularly.
    • Assist with updating, diagnosing, and troubleshooting infotainment systems.
    • Help with defect and issue resolution.
    • Provide dealership support when necessary.
    • Experience in project support within the automotive infotainment and telematics domain is welcome but not required.
    • Basic understanding of software development lifecycle and system integration.
    • Strong communication skills in Korean and English are a plus.
    • Good coordination skills.
    • Ability to assist in managing stakeholders and aligning project goals.
    • Experience with automotive infotainment systems is a plus.
    • Basic technical proficiency in updating and troubleshooting infotainment systems.
    Education and Experience:
    • Preferred A bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field is a plus.
    • Relevant experience in project support or a similar role within the automotive industry is welcome but not required.
    Additional Information:
    • This position may require occasional travel to support test events and dealership support activities.
    • Flexibility to participate in meetings across different time zones is essential.