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    각 분야 최고에 위치에 있는 한국계 대기업들에서 HR 전문가를 모십니다.
    Location: 조지아, 알라바마, 텍사스, 뉴저지, 캘리포니아
    Human Resources Specialist: Full-Time
    HR Recruitment Specialist will run the daily functions of the Human Resource (HR) department including hiring, scheduling interviews, managing onboarding processes, and enforcing company policies and practices.

    Job Duties
    Managing recruiting sources (LinkedIn, indeed, Glassdoor, etc.)
    Source and recruit candidates by using various means (i.e., databases, internet, social media, etc.) according to staffing needs
    Create job advertisements for various job boards and posts
    Pre-screen and present detailed profile summaries of candidates for appropriateness of skills, strengths, experience, knowledge, and compensation to managers.
    Responsible for tracking and reporting updates of applicants in the recruiting process.
    Manage candidate engagement, provide a positive candidate experience, maintain the core values, and act as a candidate advocate.
    Track, monitor, analyze, and propose solutions to recruiting challenges.
    Complete onboarding for any new hires
    Attend and participate fairs and recruiting sessions as needed
    Perform other related duties as assigned.

    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    Ability to adapt to change and multi-task in a high-paced environment
    Intermediate knowledge and skill in Microsoft Office, Google Suite, or related software
    Basic skills in HR software (SAP)

    Bachelor’s degree in human resources or related field
    Entry-level with 2-5 years of professional experience in HR
    Bilingual in English/Korean required

    Work Hours
    9 AM – 6 PM
    Monday – Friday

    Paid Vacation, Insurance (medical, dental, vision, and life), 401K, Free lunch, etc.
    After you submit your resume for review, we will contact you via email if we are interested in considering you as a potential candidate.

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