Finance Specialist ~ Manager – Atlanta, GA

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    Job posting expires at 2020-11-30

    Please see job description below and send your resume at if you are interested in it.

    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Job Title: Finance Specialist ~ Manager
    Pay rate: BOE
    Benefits: Health insurance, dental, vision, Paid Holiday, PTO, 401K, Non-exempt/1.5 O.T, Spot Bonus, End year Incentive (5%~15% of base salary)

    Financing/Financial Task
    Job Description
    – In-depth knowledge of business online banking (Firm banking) and SAP System
    – Works closely with treasurer and finance department manager
    – Perform payment task such as AP document review, checking duplicate payment, execute and revise payment proposal, payment result reporting, etc.
    – Perform daily and monthly bank reconciliation
    – Perform financing activities including credit line management, maintaining the continuous relationship with bank, etc.
    – Maintain current and up-to-date knowledge and continue professional development through training as needed
    – Performs additional duties and assigned or directed

    A/R Management & Insurance / Corp Insurance
    Job Description
    – Responsible for the day-to day operations of the financial departments
    – Managing relationships with all third-party risk management providers (brokers, insurance carriers, consultants)
    – Perform A/R management
    – Monitors compliance with corporate insurance program guidelines and protocols
    – Performs additional duties as assigned or directed