ECommerce Coordinator and Customer Service Coordinator

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    DecorStandard is a leading home interior wall coverings company based in Bergenfield, NJ.

    Since the company’s inception, we are fast growing and expanding our sales markets to the rest of the world. Our company currently has branch offices in South Korea, USA, UK and Australia. Learn more about us at

    아래 채용정보를 확인하시고 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.

    A. Ecommerce Coordinator

    – Constantly work to improve processes and make suggestions for marketing improvements.

    – Develop, monitor and update product content on sales channels and website.

    – Develop and maintain a knowledge of our products, pricing, promotions, procedures, and other important issues.

    – Track product sales and analyze sales trend.

    – Work with Supply Chain team making necessary decision to optimize inventory movement.

    – Take other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the Employee.

    B. Customer Service Coordinator

    – Proactively respond to customer enquiries, requests and issues by providing accurate information and/or solution.

    – Work with Supply Chain and Warehouse team on handling return and exchange orders.

    – Maintain customer and order information.

    – Recommend potential products to management team by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs.

    – Take other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the Employee.

    2.모집인원: 각 1명

    3.지원자격: 온라인 마케팅(1), 고객상담(1)에 관심있는 분

    4.근무지 : Bergenfield, NJ

    5.업무내용: 온라인 판매관리

    6.제출서류: 이력서

    7.접수기간: 충원시까지

    8.전형일정: 이력서 검토 – 1차 면접 – 2차 면접 – 채용

    9.합격통보방법: 유선통보 (불합격시 별도 통지 없음)

    10.풀타임 복지: 건강보험, 치과보험, 안과보험 등, Free Lunch

    11.근무시간: 월~목 8:30am ~ 6pm, 금 8:30am ~ 5pm

    12.지원 방법: submit your resume with the desired salary to

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