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    먼저 영주권 신청시 저의 상황에 대해서 간단하게 말씀드리자면..
    저와 아이들은 캐나다 시민권자입니다만 Birth of country는 한국으로 진행되었습니다. 한가지 걱정이 된 부분은 딸이 올해 21살이 되기 때문에 영주권을 21살이 되기 이전에 신청을 해야했습니다. 특히 딸은 현재 캐나다에서 학교를 다니기 때문에 다시 캐나다로 출국을 해야하는 상황이여서 회사 법무팀과 상의후 신청전(21살이전) 미국에 입국했다가 신청후 약 5일 후에(RN이 issue가 되고나서) 다시 캐나다로 출국하는 방법으로 진행했었습니다. 이 부분이 가장 걱정이 되는 부분이였는데, 비록 딸의 여행 허가서는 거절됐지만 다행히도 영주권은 모두 승인이 됐네요.

    Category: EB3 Pro – LIN23085
    Total Process Time: 2 Years 2 Months 2 Days

    2021-03-22 Request GreenCard Process to HR
    2021-03-23 Process Approved by Manager

    2021-04-29 PWD Start Job Summary
    2021-05-05 PWD PERM 1st Draft Job Summary
    2021-05-14 PWD Job Summary Reviewed by Manager
    2021-05-19 PWD PERM Job Summary is Done
    2021-06-08 PWD PWD (Job Classification) Submitted
    2021-11-17 PWD Issued (I guess it was issued earlier but notified on the 17th from BAL)

    2021-11-19 Initiating Recruitment
    2021-12-01 Start Recruitment – Not sure when it’s done.

    2022-03-09 PERM Reviewed Draft ETA 9089 PERM application
    2022-03-14 PERM Application Filed
    2022-12-07 PERM Approved (8 months and 23 days)

    2022-12-30 I-140, I-485, I-131, I-765 All Application Filed (FedEx Overnight shipping)
    2023-01-03 I-140, I-485, I-131, I-765 RN Issued – All

    2023-01-13 I-140 Approved (10 Days)

    2023-01-30 Finger Biometric Appointment – Son, Wife, and Me
    2023-01-30 I-485 Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken – Son, Wife, and Me
    2023-01-31 Finger Biometric Appointment – Daughter
    2023-01-31 I-485 Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken – Daugther
    2023-02-09 I-131 Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken – All

    2023-02-14 I-485 Case Transferred To Another Office – All
    2023-02-15 I-485 Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction – All
    2023-02-22 I-485 Transfer Notice Letter Received – All

    2023-03-17 Emma Chat – #1
    2023-04-07 Emma Chat – #2

    2023-04-19 I-765 New Card Is Being Produced – All
    2023-04-20 I-131 Case Was Approved for Son, Wife, and Me
    2023-04-20 I-131 Request for Additional Evidence Was Sent – Daughter (She is over 21 now and lives in Canada After submitting the Applications, she left the U.S. That’s why USCIS requested the evidence for that.)
    2023-04-20 I-765 Case Was Approved – All
    2023-04-25 I-765 Card Was Mailed To Me – All
    2023-04-27 SSN Received – Son and Daughter
    2023-04-28 I-765 Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office – All (It was Combo Card for Wife, Son, and Me, but Daughter got EAD only.)

    2023-04-28 Emma Chat – #3

    2023-05-12 I-131 Sent Some pieces of evidence for Daughter (School Enrollment, Passport Stamps, Letter)
    2023-05-18 I-131 Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received – Daughter

    2023-05-23 I-485 New Card Is Being Produced – All
    2023-05-24 I-485 Case Was Approved – All

    2023-05-24 I-131 Case Was Denied – Daughter 이미 영주권이 승인된 상황이라 크게 신경 안써도 될듯합니다.

    2023-05-26 I-485 Card Was Mailed To Me – All

    Emma Chat #1
    Agent: XXX
    Agent ID: XXX
    Q: Where is my case now?
    A: The case at the Dallas field office.

    Emma Chat #2
    Agent: Amy
    Agent ID: G02 93 49
    Q: Where is my case currently and when is it last reviewed? Is anyone working on my case?
    A: I am showing that your case is located at the Dallas Field Office. The last update was the transfer notice that was sent on 02/15/2023. They are always being reviewed and worked on.
    Q: I have other cases for I-765 & I-131. Could you check them as well?
    A: I am showing that both of those are still processing normally. They are both located at the Nebraska Service Center.
    Q: Is it possible to transfer the I-485 case to another office?
    A: No it is not.
    Q: Is I-485 possible to get approved without I-765, and I-131 approved?
    A: They all process separately.

    Emma Chat #3
    Agent: Yakeina
    Agent ID: G 2 0 0 2 3 2 6 3
    Q: Where is my case currently and when is it last reviewed? Is anyone working on my case?
    A: Your case is currently being processed at the DALLAS FIELD OFFICE as of 04/19/2023. I don’t have access to know when an officer last reviewed your case.
    Q: I also have another case I-131 which is approved. When can I get the card?
    A: Please allow up to 60 days after approval to receive your travel document.

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