Document List For H1B Approval

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    H1 192.***.59.9 30469

    미국변호사가 보내준 서류리스트입니다. 고용주측에서 준비하는 서류는 포함되어 있지 않습니다.

    Immigration Documents

    • Copy of your passport and any dependents’ passports
    • Copy of the front and back of Form I-94 for yourself and any dependents’ I-94s (if already in the U.S.)
    • Copy of approval notice of current status (if applicable)
    • Copy of current payroll statement (if in H-1B status)
    • Copy of Employment Authorization Document (if applicable)
    • Copies of your Forms I-20 (if an F-1 student), and any dependents’ and/or Forms IAP-66 (if a J-1 Exchange Visitor) and any dependents’ (if applicable)

    Educational Documents

    • Copies of all degree certificates and course transcripts* – if degree not yet awarded, obtain a letter from Registrar or Department Chair attesting to your completion of all degree requirements.

    Occupational Documents

    • Copies of licenses, if any, required to engage in your occupation*
    • Up-to-date resume (c.v.)., if you have one
      * NOTE: You must make available to the INS the originals of these documents upon their request.
    • Jooyeon 129.***.92.177

      남편의 H1-B 비자로 그린카드를 일년반전에 신청했지만 언제 그린카드가나올지 모르는 지금 이 상황에서 남편이 가지고있는 H1-B 와 제가 가지고있는 H4 가 올 8월에 만기라서 3년을 다시 연장해야하는해서요. 이 H1-B 연장과정이 남편것만 변호사가 $2600 이 더 들어간다고해서요 개인적으로 할수있으면 우리가 해보고싶은데.. 처음에 H1-B 신청시 들어갔던 서류들이 같은 방식으로 필요한건지 아니면 또다른 어떤것이 필요한건지 아신다면 조언해주세요.

      이전에 어떤분이 H1-B 나 H4 에 필요한서류가 아래와같다고 말씀해주셨어요.

      1. 본인 및 가족의 여권 (만약에 구여권에 이전 H-1B 비자 스템핑이 있다면 구여권 및 신여권 모두)
      2. 본인 및 가족의 I-94 원본
      3. 본인 및 가족의 Petition (I-797) 사본
      4. 회사의 Letter (Job Description)
      5. passport-size photo (개인당 1장)
      6. 수수료 (개인당 $100: Money Order나 Company Check 이어야함)
      7. DS-156 (개인당)

      H1-B 와 H4 연장도 위와같은 똑같은 방법으로 가능한가요?

      그리고 3 번은 어떤것을 얘기하는지 그리고 7 번의 DS-156는 INS사이트에도 없던데 어데가서 구해야하는건지 자세히 알려주시면 감사하겠습니다.

    • 드리미 202.***.2.91

      현재 서류 작업 중입니다. 제 변호사가 보내준 처리 절차와 준비 서류를 참고로 올립니다.
      저도 이 사이트에서 도움을 너무 많이 받고 있습니다. 여러분께 항상 감사드립니다.

      The first step: We gather information from several sources and we must make sure we have all the information necessary to prepare the petition. At the end of this email is a link to the questionnaire that lists the specific information and documents we need from you. Please mark any question/document request that is not applicable to you “N/A.” Let us know immediately if you have any problem opening the attached file. You can fax the requested documents to us at the number above, provided the fax is of good quality. Otherwise, please send the documents via overnight mail or email.

      We will need the following 3 questionnaires right away: “NIV Family Questionnaire”, “I-129W Form Beneficiary”, and “I-129 From Beneficiary Modified”. The DS-156 and DS-157 will be required too, but we would like you to start the other questionnaires first.

      The second step: Once we receive the requested information and documents we will prepare the H-1B petition.

      The third step: We will send the H1B petition documents to Company for review and signature. Upon return of these documents, we will assemble your H-1B petition and file the petition with the appropriate Regional Service Center of the US CIS.

      The fourth step: We will forward you the receipt notice and instructions as soon as US CIS issues a receipt for your petition. It can take the CIS 2 to 4 weeks to issue the receipt.

      The fifth step: We will notify all parties as soon as we receive the approval from the US CIS!

      Final step: We will prepare an application packet for you and your family (if applicable) to apply for your H1B and H4 visas.

      If you are single, but have plans to marry anytime within the next several months, please let us know so we can plan accordingly for your spouse’s immigration status.

      Docs Check List
      Description Required? Received?
      From Beneficiary
      1 Certificate(s) of birth of the child(ren) mentioning father’s and mother’s name. If applicable No
      2 Copies of passports, visas & I-94 cards for family members Required No
      3 Detailed Resume and or Curriculum Vitae (CV) Required No
      4 Copy of I-94 Required No
      5 Form DS2019 and EAD (or I-20/IAP66) If applicable No
      6 Credentials Evaluation Nice to have No
      7 Visas and Entry Stamps – Clear photocopies of all visas and entry stamps into the United States Required No
      8 Copies of all diplomas, degrees, transcripts and marks sheets. Required No
      9 Civil Marriage Certificate If applicable No
      10 Form I-20 issued by the school. Nice to have No
      11 Notice of action received from BCIS (Form I-797). Required No

      그리고, 저의 경우 변호사가 보내준 메일에 링크된 곳에서 요구된 사항을 입력하는 것으로 간단하게 제가 작성해야 할 부분이 완료되었습니다.
      그리고 이메일로 준비서류는 스캔해서 첨부하여 보냈고요.

      스폰서회사에서 지정해서 연락이 온 변호사입니다만, 혹 개인적으로 필요하신 분들은 아래 참고하시면 어떨까요. 비용등에 대해서는 잘 모릅니다.

      Littler Mendelson Bacon & Dear
      3003 N. Central Ave. #700
      Phoenix, AZ 85012
      Main: 602.256.6700
      Dir: 602.707.1186
      Fax: 602.257.0600

    • Wyatt 188.***.232.111

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