Ibanker seeking romance

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    You are a young and good-looking girl. The parental abuse that you incurred as a child has left you emotionally distant and sexually repressed. You are able to sustain months (years?) of loneliness because you shudder at the thought of human interaction. You have a constant feeling of inadequacy leading to excessive hours on the elliptical machine (and, accordingly, a nicely toned bum). I might do stuff to you while you are sleeping at 4AM (when I finally get home from the office), but, other than that, our sex-life will be nonexistent. Naive girls who have been in long-distance relationships and have had their hearts broken by guys who perpetually cheated are more than welcome to email me; I promise that I’m different.

    I am a first year analyst at a bulge-bracket investment bank; this means that I’m either Jewish, Asian, or from old-money (and, therefore, connected up the wazoo). Given that this post is (hopefully) grammatically correct, coherently legible, and satirically palatable, I’d like to think that I got into banking based on merits associated with my intelligence; therefore, I’m probably not from old money and am not connected up the wazoo (sorry).

    I got into banking as a result of an overwhelming abundance of insecurities. I went to a top-tiered and prestigious undergraduate university, yet, have always felt inferior to the Harvardites and Princetonians that surround me. I’m likely either short and socially outcasted (with excellent kung-fu skills) or schnoz-nosed and unable to date, as every girl I meet in Manhattan is a UES slut that reminds me of my mother.

    I go to the gym every morning, as my unnecessarily ambitious and secretively compensating type-A personality forces me to always strive for the best. That, and also the endorphins released from the exercise keep me elated enough to prevent attempting suicide for at least 24 hours.

    I approach dating as I do anything else; as a strict meritocracy where I compete to win. At bars, I won’t tell girls that I’m a banker; I feel that it would be unfair to take a girl home by playing the pity card (“Oh, you work in banking? I feel so bad for you. Fine, I guess I’ll sleep with you.”). I’ll likely say that I’m a math teacher at the Dalton School (my Jewish/Asian heritage helps me here) so that girls realize that I’m piss-poor (as are all my other analyst buddies, despite what we tell our family and friends back home) but have Epstein potential.

    My interests include playing brickbreaker on my blackberry, romantic dinners expensed to my firm, and finding novel ways to entertain myself during late-night hours (posting personal ads on Craigslist at 3AM – FUN; getting head from you while you hide under my desk – PROBABLY FUNNER).

    If you fit my description (and God help you if you do…) feel free to email me. Pictures of boobs (yours or random ones you find on the internet) would be helpful to include in the email. As I’m posting this with my work email address, I’m hoping to get lucky enough that some back-office rat finds the inappropriate content during a routine inbox sweep, so that I can finally be liberated from this relentless world of superficial elitism. I’m talking about the old-money guys.

    읽다가 너무 웃겨서 퍼왔음다.

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      i bet he might end up flirting with a faggot from ues – in the worst case, the new mate could have been his missing older brother. anyway, it was funny to read.