[Resume ongoing employment] H-1B비자/L비자 발급이 가능한 예외사항

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회사변호사는 스탬프를 받아도 귀국이 안될꺼란 이상한 소리를 하네요…맞는 말인가요? 제가 읽고 이해한 내용이랑 좀 달라서요..

Pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation, an individual may only be able to re-enter the US using a visa stamp that was issued and valid prior to June 24, 2020. Thus, if you were to obtain a new visa stamp now (after June 24, 2020), you may not be able to use that new visa stamp for re-entry to the US until January 1, 2021. Thus, we would not advise traveling outside the US to obtain a new visa stamp at this time.