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    Job posting expires at 2019-03-31

    JnD, founded in 2010 with the leading software engineering skills is serving the IT community with innovative software technology to help clients successfully develop mobile software to the world market. Our team of highly experienced developers offers a wide range of mobile application development, software development, power user trial, test outsourcing, research and analysis, and technology consulting.

    Our vision is ‘We Want to See You Grow’ to become the industry leader for both employee and company.
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    **We offer Green Card processing with PERM for qualified employee.

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    Position Description
    • Position title: QA Test Engineer
    • Position ID: WPA-1903-01

    • Bellevue, WA

    • Paid Sick Leaves
    • Medical Insurance (Health, Dental & Vision)
    • Bonuses

    • Degree in Computer science, Telecommunication, Engineering, Information technology, Mathematics, or related fields
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to work in a dynamic and fast paced environment
    • Ability to document and troubleshoot errors

    • Proven experience as a QA tester or similar role
    • Broad in computer knowledge or others such as Android OS, Windows

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities
    • Conduct log analysis and debug carrier application issues for wireless devices: smartphone, tablet, wearable, accessories, and/or etc.
    • Collect and deliver required testing information for client(s) in a timely manner
    • Coordinate and execute various testing activities in order to verify and detect defects within Android software: functional testing, interoperability testing, performance testing, current/battery consumption testing, white & black-box testing, field testing, usability testing, spec-verification testing, issue reproductions, regression testing, usability testing, and/or etc.
    • Evaluate software defects using bug tracking tool and assist development team members in implementation of full-verifications & resolution strategies

    How to apply
    Visit “” and complete the Employment Application Form. Once you complete the form, send it to “APPLY@” along with your resume.

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