[Hyundai Power Transformers, USA] Recruiting Material Management Specialist

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    Hyundai Power Transformers, USA

    Seeking a Bilingual Korean Material Management Specialist for power transformer manufacturing industry

    Hyundai Power Transformers USA, Inc. started as one of the affiliated factories of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Montgomery, Alabama. Hyundai Power Transformers utilizes the most recently developed technology and design to create power transformers that fit the customers various requirements. The product lines of our plant include an oil immersed transformer, a dry type transformer, a cast resin transformer, and a special type transformer. The newly constructed Hyundai Power Transformers USA facility has the ability to become the leading plant in the power industry due to our highly developed technology and our proven commitment to building the best product line for our customers.
    Please visit http://www.hhiamerica.com

    [Material Management Specialist]

    Required Language: English and Korean (Must be fluent in English)
    Location: Montgomery, AL

    1- 2 years related experience preferred

    Transformer materials inventory control (SAP)
    Ability to support other departments to resolve issues
    Monitor material flow to prevent downtime
    Prepare report for management

    Must be Bilingual Korean and English
    Bachelor’s degree
    Comparable background of work related experience
    Ability to follow orders and direction
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    401k matching after one year
    Medical insurance support after the probationary period (3 months)
    Visa Sponsorship

    If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter with the title [Your Name, HPT Material Management] at chris.choi@hhiamerica.com

    Thank you.

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      싫어요가 많이 찍히네요???

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      그러게요. 영주권없거나 거기 갈수밖에 없는 사연을 가져야 하나

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      떨어진 애들이 싫어요 박겠지. 여기 자재팀 매니저 최고다. 빨리 지원들 해라.

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      졸라 좋은회사 맞아 보험 니돈 몇백불 매달내면 해주는거고 비자도 졸라 온갖 욕과 궁시렁 듣고 나면 해주고 자재팀매니저도 진짜 좋아서 맨날 구직글 올라오는거다 진짜 존나좋은회사다 후회하지말고 잡오퍼오면 출근한다해라