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    Deloitte Tax

    New York, NY, USA

    Job posting expires at 2018-04-27


    Deloitte Tax의 Korean Services Group에서 2018년 봄(5월) 졸업자 및 기졸업자를 대상으로 채용을 진행 중 입니다.

    Job description:

    Full Time Tax Consultant (Korean Services Group)

    Managing taxes is a critical part of an effective business strategy. As a tax consultant, you’ll join our team of talented tax professionals to help clients analyze the tax effect of complex decisions, reduce overall tax rates, and pursue performance objectives. We’re looking for people who are highly-motivated, out-of-the-box thinkers. If you enjoy a challenge and thrive in a fast-pace environment, then you may be the right fit for the role.

    Work you’ll do
    As a tax consultant, you will work directly with clients, building a relationship as a trusted tax specialist and advisor — the “go-to” tax professional. You will collaborate daily as part of high-performing teams, developing solutions to complex tax issues through research, use of cutting edge technology, and consultation with other team members. Daily tasks may include researching tax regulations, understanding the applicable tax implications for specific clients and making recommendations based on your findings. You will commonly work with multiple clients at the same time, providing you exposure to a variety of organizations and a stronger understanding of applicable tax implications for different clients.

    The team
    At Deloitte, our tax consultants provide a full-range of tax services to clients. We help our clients combine tax data, processes, technology, and people in new ways to uncover valuable business insights and arrive at smarter solutions to business challenges. Our team members work collaboratively and apply their specialized knowledge and experience to help clients navigate past complex tax and financial reporting issues. We offer deep insights into their business practices and procedures and help them make more informed decisions to enhance their business’ efficiencies. Learn more about Deloitte Tax.

    • Bachelor of Science/Business Administration, Master of Science in Accounting or Taxation
    • Strong academic track record (minimum GPA of 3.0)
    • Fluent in the Korean language
    • Ability to prioritize tasks, work on multiple assignments, and manage assignments in a team environment
    • Relevant work experience (e.g. internships, summer positions, school jobs)
    • CPA exam eligibility before beginning full-time employment
    • Up to 50% travel required

    Technology-related coursework highly desirable

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      노예를 구합니다 한국말 영어 유창하게 할줄 아는 노예구합니다

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      노예를 구합니다 똑똑하게 일 잘하면 돈은 적게 드리고 잘 키워드리겠습니다~