Bilingual Field Assistant (Korean & English)

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    Eastern 24.***.59.102 598

    Eastern Corporation

    North Carolina, USA

    Job posting expires at 2018-02-28

    Job Summary

    Description: The Field Assistant is a team member, whose primary responsibility is to support field construction activities and personnel. Position will report directly to the Senior Project Manager.

    • Bilingual in Korean & English (must be able to read, write, & speak both languages)
    • Minimal Computer Requirements:
    • Must be able to work under pressure
    • Must be able to work out in the field with minimal travel

    Job Type: Temporary

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      아무도 지원 못할거 같은데 감히,
      제 생각에는 요구사항이 너무 빡세요 ㅎ

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      임시직으로 돈도 안밝히고 그렇게 하는 너의 사고도 알만하다
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